Onkaparinga and Marion Councils to receive multi-million dollar financial assistance grants

The Cities of Onkaparinga and Marion are set to receive over $5.4 million in flexible federal grants under the Financial Assistance Grant programme.
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Australia's plural democracy demands respect in the marriage debate

All Australians must be free to confidently and courteously present their points of view. Attempts to shut down debate by labelling supporters of traditional marriage as homophobic or bigots is undemocratic and should be shunned.on the next generation. There are a number of steps that this government has taken which show true long-term leadership.
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Empwering YOUth Initiatives to help young people into jobs

The Federal Government has announced the Empowering YOUth Initiatives guidelines as part of its $331 million Youth Employment Strategy that aims to curb high youth unemployment.
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David served in the Australian Defence Force for over 22 years. An Army pilot, he flew helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and was the Senior Flying Instructor at the School of Army Aviation in Queensland.

Graduating as an experimental test pilot from the Empire Test Pilots’ School (UK), he finished his full time career in Defence as the Commanding Officer of the RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit.

Elected to the House of Representatives as the Member for Wakefield (SA) in 2004, he served in the Parliament until 2007. David continued to fly as a test pilot and ran a small business working in the Defence and Aviation sectors prior to being elected to the Senate.


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David is a Senator for South Australia.

His duties include:

  • Deputy Government Whip in the Senate;
  • Chair of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services;
  • Chair of the Defence sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade;
  • The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security’ the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties’ and the Senate Standing Committees for Foreign Affairs Defence and Trade.
  • He is also the Chair of the Government Backbench Policy Committee for Legal Affairs and is involved in policy work pertaining to aviation and rural health.

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19.11 2015

Financial Assistance Heading to Councils

Under the Financial Assistance Grants programme the Marion and Onkaparinga Councils in Kingston will receive a second quarter payment of $1,354,288 in untied funding. This is part of $4,138,343 which begun being delivered to councils earlier this year.

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13.11 2015

Empowering youth initiatives to help young people into jobs

Senator David Fawcett is inviting organisations in Kingston to put forth fresh and innovative ideas to help vulnerable young Australians find and keep a job.

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12.11 2015

Government delivers on red tape reduction

Senator David Fawcett today welcomed the Government's announcement that it will strengthen its regulation reform agenda so that it focuses on changes that increase innovation and productivity.

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11.11 2015

Commitment to crowed-sourced funding

Senator for South Australia, David Fawcett, said the Coalition Government is committed to fostering a more innovative and creative Australian economy. This means ensuring that start-ups and early stage businesses can access the funding they need to help them develop their ideas and grow.

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10.11 2015

Work experience to help job seekers in Kingston into work

Senator David Fawcett today welcomed the commencement of the Government's new National Work Experience Programme which seeks to help job seekers gain valuable experience in workplaces around the country.

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10.11 2015

Making Private Health Insurance Cheaper, Better

Senator David Fawcett is encouraging residents across Kingston to have their say on how the private health insurance sector can deliver better value for money.

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10.11 2015

ChAFTA Legislation Passes The Senate

Senator David Fawcett has today welcomed the Senate's passing of the implementing legislation for the Chinese and Australia Free Trade Agreement

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10.11 2015

Capital Grants Programme Funding In Kingston

Senator David Fawcett has today announced that Prescott College Southern in Kingston will soon have improved facilities after being named the recipient of an Australian Government grant

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27.10 2015

Raising Professional Standards of Financial Advisers

The Turnbull Government has announced reforms to ensure consumers receive professional treatment from financial advisers, and is supporting the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services (PJC) recommendations to improve the education, training and ethical standards of financial advisers.

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27.10 2015

Life Insurance Advice Remuneration Reforms

The Turnbull Government is committed to improving the remuneration practices in the life insurance advice sector to enhance the quality of advice through a better alignment of interests, more product choice, and enhanced competition.

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Ending the deadly stop-start in our defence industries

- Senator David Fawcett

The Peever First Principles Review and RAND shipbuilding report released in recent weeks have the potential to radically simplify the structure of the Defence Department and improve the efficiency of the way it spends tax-payer dollars. Lifting the capital productivity of Defence is vital if Australia is to maintain an affordable and sustainable Defence capability. 

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Committees are a key part of how the Parliament obtains and reviews information on a vast range of topics.

Senate committees are particularly important in holding the government and public service to account through public inquiries on policy questions.

David is Chair of both the Parliament Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services and of the Defence Sub-Committee within the joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade.

In addition, David is member of a number of Senate Standing Committees and Joint Standing Committees.

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