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David served in the Australian Defence Force for over 22 years. An Army pilot, he flew helicopters and fixed wing aircraft and was the Senior Flying Instructor at the School of Army Aviation in Queensland.

Graduating as an experimental test pilot from the Empire Test Pilots’ School (UK), he finished his full time career in Defence as the Commanding Officer of the RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit.

Elected to the House of Representatives as the Member for Wakefield (SA) in 2004, he served in the Parliament until 2007. David continued to fly as a test pilot and ran a small business working in the Defence and Aviation sectors prior to being elected to the Senate in 2010 and again in 2016.

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Great to welcome the new Premier of South Australia! ... See MoreSee Less

Great to welcome the new Premier of South Australia!


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Let's hope he can DO something positive for SA.,,getting rid of Transforming Health and giving the South a working Noarlunga Hospital would be much appreciated.

Wonderful result! What a massive job ahead. Getting health back on track, reducing the spiralling bills we have been hit with lately. Wishing the new State Government all the very best.

Well deserved😊

Well done and he thanked the right people, came across very well.😊

Onother era for S A congratulation and good job ahead

Well done!

Good luck to our new team, great result.


Well done

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Excellent to be part of the strong support for Aaron Duff - Liberal for Hurtle Vale ... See MoreSee Less

Excellent to be part of the strong support for Aaron Duff - Liberal for Hurtle Vale


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Well David , it worked . Cheers.

Great to support Richard Harvey - Liberal for Newland in Newland! ... See MoreSee Less

Great to support Richard Harvey in Newland!

... See MoreSee Less

Why won’t Labor release the report into this debacle? ... See MoreSee Less

Why won’t Labor release the report into this debacle?


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Absolutely NOTHING to do with SA Labor Party. WHY don’t you ask Federal Minister Simon Birmingham and Nick Xenophon WHY they took $250 million out of SA schools, and while you’re at it, ASK them WHY over $500 million was removed from TAFE colleges across Australia. It’s all smoke and mirrors from the Liberals. Not an ounce of moral fibre in any of them.

Hey.. don't speak of TAFE, which produces our Cert 3's in commercial cookery..whilst parading the idea of a new cooking school on the old R.A.H site. Terrible idea by the way...Terrible. That land is the envy of any major city.. and you come up with a...cooking school? How's that going to help TAFE? (Not even the Murdohrisy can help you) The State Lib's are a terrible party for South Australia in my view..truly awful

Over $4.5B of State assets have been sold by Jay Weatherill in the last 5 years • SA Lotteries $427 million. In 2012 • Forestry SA. $670 million. In 2013 • Motor Accident Commission $2 billion (or more), In 2017 • Lands Titles Office $1.6 billion. In 2017How much of this money has Jay Weatherill been squandering on advertising to tell us all how well he has performed over the last 16 years?

Education is the domain of the States. States received massive injection of funding from GST without giving up Stamp Duty Payroll etc etc which they should have. The fact that TAFE is a mess, Oakden is a mess, Country Doctors are not available, power is twice the price, industry/ business has moved interstate or sold out to overseas is not funding related but is a reflection on the State governments performance.

What a horror show SA has become..

I will never vote for a political party that can only point the finger at the other side , show me what you can do and prove it or get out of the kitchen

TAFE problems are Federal stop this rubbish. SA is the state who investigated first. Talk to Simon Birmingham he may be able to give you some answers but probably just more lies.

Trying to cash in on the fact that TAFE was run down in funding by his federal colleagues


You make me laugh mate. How's about looking up to the Federal level and answer who really let down our education system. That's right...THE LIBERALS!

We need to slow down or go backwards and try to fix what these beruecŕatic bungling has left us with Stop the robots from evoling futher ..without our imput, Give housing back to the people not as investment portfolios Tax the huge Corparations. .if the dont like it they wont have our patronage ! The can go offshore and try and find puppet goverment like ours ....if there are any left out there

Fawcett, you're a drip!

Why didn’t labor keep this under control to serve its proper services to the community lots of very bad decisions or lack of decisions at all our leaders should pay attention to the jobs that we pay them to do certainly time for change

Labor totally incompetanttoss them out

They're all as bad as each other.

They didn't get my vote

They were paid too... simple!!!!!!!!!

Hendriehet Visser

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